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About Claire Stanton

I don't come from a photographic family, a handful of photographs from holidays is about all there is of my childhood.

In the early 90's I purchased my first camera wanting to photography my day out watching motor sport, and I was hooked straight away. Mostly I captured behind the scene images in the garages and paddock not having long enough lenses for on track action. I had found my niche photographing people.

With a thirst for knowledge I enrolled to study photography at Milton Keynes college, which led me to a job as a photographic assistant for a local wedding photographer. When he retired I started out on my own.

I specialise in sports photography.

Since 2001 I have been the official photographer for MK Thunder ice hockey team and done a lot of work for many rec ice hockey teams in the south of England. In 2016 I returned to one of my first loves, cycling - in particular time trials which I hope to do more of in the coming years.

Over the years my work has been used in sports programs, on team websites, to accompany articles in both the local and national press as well as overseas, in addition to use by sports personalities for personal promotions.